Oslofjord is always available for those with a Suite Agreement or Right of Use Agreement.

From July 10. to On August 11. Oslofjord will have many restaurants and opportunities for activities open, which will make it extra enjoyable to be there and spend your summer holiday at Oslofjord. During BUK event 27.-31. August, several areas will be reserved for BUK, but it will still be possible to holiday at Oslofjord for those who want to do so.

Reserve a dwelling on my.oslofjord.com – also if you have a right of use contract with Brunstad Foundation.

Information about points, prices, cancellation rules and more can also be found on My.oslofjord.com under Information.

Check in and check out

Check in is from 16.00 hrs and Check out is hrs. 11.00

Requests for changes in these times can be made by sending an e-mail to resepsjonen@oslofjord.com or by calling +47 33 00 20 00 Monday to Friday between hrs. 08.00 – 16.00.

Access to the suite is enabled by using the Oslofjord App. Press «unlock» and hold the phone to the door in order to open the dwelling

Opening times for reception

Opening times outside events : 8.00-16.00 // 1. – 10. July: 7.00-23.00

Open 24hrs: 10. July – 15. August

E-mail: resepsjon@oslofjord.com Telephone: +47 33 00 20 00

Would you like to help us get better and have a better experience yourself?

Then update your reservation with the correct dates when you intend to be at Oslofjord.

We are planning staffing and preparation based on this and many changes in recent days which make this quite difficult.

So book today and cancel if you see it will not be possible to come.

This also applies if you have a right of use agreement.