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These activities are offered by Oslofjord during BCC Event's events

Boat rental

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Experience the beautiful archipelago in one of our Oslofjord boats!
It is mandatory to wear a life jacket. This can be rented in the rental booth.
Age limit for renting a boat is 18+ years.
Questions can be directed to marina@oslofjord.com or by attending the rental booth.
NB! The prices in the booking system do not match.
See the current price overview here?
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Booking can also be made directly in the rental booth or by phone
(+47 33 00 20 85) during opening hours.

Paddle boards

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Take your friends on a trip on the water in beautiful surroundings.
Rented out in the same shed as boat rental,
or by telephone +47 33 00 20 85.
It is mandatory to wear a life jacket. This can be rented here in the rental booth. Age limit: 16 years
Opening hours: at 10:00-19:00
Prices: Paddleboard (SUP): NOK 90 for 30 minutes, including vest


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Discounted prices at Vestfold Golf Club
Vestfold Golf Klubb has a collaboration with Oslofjord Convention Center, and wants to offer discounted prices on green fees for all participants at BCC's events in July and August.
The discounts apply to the following:
  • Discount on the 18-hole course before 09.00 (early bird)
  • Discount on the 9-hole course all day
18 holes: over 19 years NOK 355/ under 19 years NOK 285*
9 holes on the 18-hole course: NOK 185, *
The 9-hole course all day: NOK 205 / under 19 years NOK 185
*Prices at start-up before 09.00 every day
The 18-hole course:
You must have an established hcp and be a member of a golf club to play on the 18-hole course. When using the "early bird" agreement, you must go out before 09.00 every day. After 08.00 a time must be booked in GolfBox.
Before the exit, you must have paid the green fee in the Proshop or tipped.
The 9-hole course:
If you are not a member of a club, you must bring an established player with you due to Safety. You have the opportunity to go out if it is free, but those who have booked time in GolfBox have first right.
Everyone must have their own golf bag. Before the exit, you must have paid the green fee in the Proshop or tipped.
Players must pay the green fee before exiting - either in the Proshop or via Vipps. Receipt must be shown when checking VGK's track hosts.
Payment to Vipps is made to vipps number: 10517 and marked with "BCC".
At the control check, participant wristbands are shown as proof of discounted payment.
Pro shop:
When paying in Proshop, participant wristbands can be shown as proof of the discounted price.

Rib safari

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Available times:
Thursday – Sunday: 14.00 (week 28-30)
Duration: The trips last about 1.5 hours
Age limit: Suitable for all ages (min 140 cm height)
Price: NOK 990 per person (tips)
Registration with name, date and phone number hc@ribwave.no or by phone (+47 930 25 698). For separate groups outside scheduled tours: send email or phone.
Meeting at the marina at OCC, 15 minutes before departure.

Contact Us

on event@bcc.no or via the BCC Portal.