Subject and coordination roles

Do you have a professional expertise that you would like to contribute during our events?

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Do you enjoy working with people and having many balls in the air at once?

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Subject groups (Activity manager)

Would you like to help raise the level of the activities at the BUK camps?

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Volunteers ressursis

Do you have some extra time and capacity to contribute? We also have several shifts, among other things within accreditation, decoration, food delivery and guard, as it is possible to take on.

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Volunteers rawddonors

Do you want to help us realize big ideas? We have needs
for more volunteer problem solvers who have the opportunity to contribute with advice and guidance.

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Need for more

Several are already involved in projects for BCC events, through their local congregations, but we now want to invite even more to contribute voluntarily with their abilities, gifts and expertise, so that together we can create more unforgettable events for fellow believers worldwide.

Cooperation and well-being

We are looking for people who share our drive and commitment to interesting voluntary roles, of various kinds. These roles are outside the voluntary tasks the local congregation receives.

In cooperation with BCC Event, you will get unique and educational experiences, and experience that cooperation and well-being go hand in hand.