Sales points operated by BCC Event

We need people who have relevant experience in retail sales (kiosk, groceries, etc.), gastronomy or as a barista, who have the desire and opportunity to take on shifts or larger tasks during at least two events per year.

We need many people with professional expertise to fill the roles of:

Project employee development of points of sale
Work manager for sales points
Employee / Crew at sales points

Voluntary resources/professionals should

  • Be over 23 years old
  • Being able to speak Norwegian or English, both orally and interchangeably, both languages is an advantage
  • Have relevant experience and possibly education
  • Have great commitment and a desire to contribute
  • Enjoys working with people
  • Have good communication and collaboration skills
  • Have the opportunity to carry out the task as agreed
  • Be registered for the event you contribute to
  • Be able to use time before the event to familiarize yourself with the relevant instructions and plans
  • Attend relevant courses provided by BCC Event

About the roles

The roles are voluntary and unpaid. We offer thorough training and a pleasant working environment, with the opportunity to make many new acquaintances.

To participate in the event, outside of the time you contribute with voluntary efforts, that is expected that you are registered.

Would you like to contribute to this rewarding work? Then we encourage you to register your interest here. We process all answers continuously, and will give everyone who signs up a feedback within two weeks.

If you have further questions that cannot be answered here, you can contact us at