Participating congregations from countries with limited ability to pay can obtain a discount on one of the Summer Conventions, the Pentecost Convention, the Sisters/Brothers Convention and all Brunstad Weekends. 

There is no discount on participation fees or accommodation in connection with the Easter Convention and the New Year's Convention. 

Countries with limited ability to pay


Discount is given on:

  1. Participation fee which is invoiced to the local association
  2. Hotel/suite rental on Oslofjord

Participation fee

The participation fee covers all program elements and meals included in the individual convention. Catering that is not included in the event program is not covered by BCC Event.

Hotel/suite rental on Oslofjord 

BCC Event also offers sponsorship of a portion of the hotel stay during the conventions on Oslofjord. The sponsorship is provided so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in our conventions. It is therefore only the convention days with an addition for up to two shoulder days before or after the convention that are sponsored. This means that if you want to stay on Oslofjord beyond this, you must pay full price.

Anyone who has the opportunity should pay the price the suites cost, even if they come from a country categorized with sponsorship.

If, on the other hand, you are in a situation that makes you want to make use of the offer of sponsorship, this must be ticked when you reserve a suite via the website When you make the reservation, you must state how many people will stay on the reservation, and the names of everyone who will stay in the suite. If you have guests staying in the same suite from countries that do not qualify for sponsorship, the discount will be reduced accordingly.

Remember to read the applicable cancellation rules carefully, as costs will be incurred if you cancel the housing unit after certain defined deadlines.

Financing of the discount scheme

A webinar was held in the autumn of 2021 in which congregations with strong capital were encouraged to contribute gifts to BCC Event STI's operations, in order to finance the costs of the discount scheme, among other things

Do you have questions or comments about the discount scheme? 

Do you have questions or comments about the discount scheme?

Contact us at or via BCC Portal.