Head office

Central organization: BCC Federation
Address: VĂ„lerveien 159, N-1599 MOSS
Email: event@bcc.no

Press contact

Merethe Sofie Olsen

The board of BCC Event

Trond Eivind Johnsen (chairman of the board), Peter Tischhauser (managing director and board member), William Philip Irving, Lukas Egger and Fransje Stefanie Struik 

Organization number:
928 207 641

BCC Event is a non-profit foundation and a joint initiative in the BCC association, dedicated to planning and arranging all the faith community's events at the Oslofjord Convention Center. Our team of permanent employees works closely with thousands of volunteers to create unforgettable and enriching experiences for participants from all over the world.


Head office: VĂ„lerveien 159, N-1599 MOSS event@bcc.no