Youth Exchange Program

The vision for YEP is to give the participants a solid foundation for their Christian and practical life through training and development. The aim is to equip the participants with tools that enable them to be good BCC representatives when they return to their home countries. This is in line with BCC Events' overall vision of becoming an international congregation.

The program offers participants valuable and work-relevant experience through work with BCC Events' events and projects. In an inclusive and multicultural environment, the program promotes respect and tolerance, while also providing training in Norwegian language and culture for overall integration. The participants are developed spiritually and personally to meet future challenges.

"It was wonderful to live and work together with people from different parts of the world. It has added a lot to me, in many ways. I can confidently recommend the YEP program to anyone who has the opportunity to participate.”«

Andreas, Turkey

Participant in YEP litter 22/23

“I feel lucky to be on YEP! There are many things I could mention, but what I liked best were the cultural days where we had the opportunity to immerse ourselves both in Norwegian and in each other's culture and history. I have also received good guidance and support, and feel that I have grown during my year on the YEP programme.”

Tessia, India

Participant in YEP litter 23/24

“It was fantastic to be part of YEP and to work for BCC Event! Regardless of whether it was a large or small event, we always made a real effort to create good participant experiences. I am grateful for the opportunities I was given to develop both personally and professionally during my time there, and to be part of such a supportive team.”

Sarah, South Africa

Participant in YEP litter 22/23

Criteria for participation

To be able to participate, one must be a member of BCC, know basic Norwegian and have a residence permit according to Section 26 of the Immigration Act, cf. Section 6-23 of the Immigration Regulations. The target group is young adults between the ages of 18 and 30.?? 


The as participate in YEP is employed in BCC Events, which is responsible for arranging all Christians conventions for BCC and youth camp for Brunstad Youth Club. The participants will work with tasks related to developing, planning and implementing events.?? 

Leisure time

An integral part of the YEP program is participation in a local BCC congregation. This includes, among other things:  

  • Participation in Christian youth meetings and other church events
  • Involvement in youth groups and leisure activities  

In addition to the church activities, free time can include various leisure activities and events that contribute to a? strengthen team building and promote cultural exchange.  

The leisure activities will be organized and followed up by our partner organisation, BCC A-Team.  

Practical frameworks

BCC Events provides salary (pocket money), board, lodging, transport and occupational injury insurance, in addition to training, development and training.?? 

Duration of the programme

The program normally lasts 13 months, starting in July and ending in August of the following year. 


  • The YEP program meets UDI's criteria for the exchange program in Norway
  • Participants have visas that make it possible to work for BCC Event, an established organization with the purpose of running non-profit/religious activities
  • It is not permitted for participants to undertake commercial work during the period

BCC Event is a non-profit foundation and a joint initiative in the BCC association, dedicated to planning and arranging all the faith community's events at the Oslofjord Convention Center. Our team of permanent employees works closely with thousands of volunteers to create unforgettable and enriching experiences for participants from all over the world.


Head office: Vålerveien 159, N-1599 MOSS